Keeping up with the Jones Crew

Keeping up with the Jones Crew

Confessions of a soccer wife surrounded by the VA mountains, my faith, many cups of coffee
and my 3 sweet men in this sometimes crazy, yet beautifully blessed life!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our favorite Pilot

Sunday after Church the boys and I ventured to the Airport for a fun afternoon lesson with Poppop.  We are getting Jackson more warmed up to taking off in the air and had a good time just taking a look at all the planes and riding around on the ground in them.  

Windy so had a hot chocolate break.

Cutest Co-Pilot I've ever seen.

Such a good helper.

Jackson knew that we couldn't go anywhere without Poppop who had his badge.  Jackson was just tickled to be able to where Poppop's "airport badge".

Watching the planes land and take off.

So sweet.
Jackson is so excited to go back to the airport on a non windy day and take off in the air!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Turtle Power!

Last week the boys thoroughly enjoyed going to collect all sorts of candy.  We went to our Church's trunk or treat and then went around to 3 streets the following day. 

Trunk or Treat

Ethan and Jackson

Ryan is dressed as cotton candy,...too cute!

Mom decorated her car to coordinate with the boys' outfits.

Jackson wanted me to dress as a turtle too.

Visiting Poppop

Grandmommy and Aunt Cyndee came along so they got to participate in the candy draft!

The Candy draft!

Kiptyn picked skittles for all his rounds. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jeter Farm

Every year we have such a good time taking our tradition trip to Jeter Farm.  

They have such a friendly staff and always have new stuff to make it a different experience at the farm.  The boys love picking out their pumpkin and leading us through the corn maze.  This year Mal and Pal joined us and the boys had a ball! 

Corn angels

Growing so big!
Taking the hayride up to the corn maze.

Sweet boys

Jackson leading Kiptyn through the maze.

Jackson's favorite part is the slides!

Daddy has to get in on the action!
This picture cracks me up!  Love Pal's face!

Jeter farm, you never disappoint the Jones family!